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Golfer's Tee Trick: a movement strategy for back pain relief

Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to how we move and use our bodies. One of my favorite movement strategies not only optimizes your efficiency when you reach for something, but strengthens the legs and back muscles safely. It's called "The Golfer's Tee Trick."

This nifty technique requires a bit of practice, and a fairly decent sense of balance, but is definitely worth learning for the safe retrieval of some light object off the floor, such as the just-dropped pen, odd bit of change, or piece of candy. The trick basically consists of turning yourself into a human teeter-totter by gently swinging one leg up behind you, while you reach toward the floor. Once you have what you want, the weight of your leg helps bring you back up. If you have pain in your right leg, put the right leg behind you. If you have pain in your left leg, put the left leg behind you. See how it feels.

The beauty of this maneuver is that it can be incorporated into any sort of reaching, for any sort of light object, at any height. Need to snatch something yummy from the back of the kitchen counter? Piece of cake! Need to grab a screw- driver from the far end of your workbench? You now have the perfect tool! Want to plug something in? It’s electrifyingly easy!

***Make sure you practice the maneuver a few times while you have something sturdy to hold on to. Build up the strength and balance to do it safely without support. (Doing sets of 5-10 reps of this movement is an excellent exercise for the legs and back.)

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